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are the children

Manufactured in France, Kojo is a construction game. Constitué de plaques en bois PEFC et de pinces en bioplastique recyclé, Kojo permet aux enfants de 4 à 10 ans d’imaginer leurs propres univers !


the Eastern palace

The Easter Palace pack is a one way ticket to the world of the Arabian Nights...
This kit includes :
➜ 33 PEFC certified wooden plates with bewitching drawings
➜ clips made of recycled plastic
➜ amazing bag made of upcycled fabric
➜ instruction manual to help you with your first constructions

👍 The pack includes also a lot of fun !

→ en pré-vente sur Ulule à 74,90€ !

Flemish houses

Inspired by the Flemish architecture, this kit will make you travel through Europe.
The Flemish houses kit includes :
➜ 20 PEFC certified wooden plates
➜ 24 clips made of recycled plastic
➜ 1 bag made of upcycled fabric
➜ 1 instruction manual to help you with your first constructions

👍 Above all it includes : fun, beauty and creativity !

→ en pré-vente sur Ulule à 49,90€ !

free play

A set of plain plates and clips... back to basics !

This kit includes :
➜ 44 PEFC certified wooden plates to build walls, bridges and roofs
➜ 70 clips made of recycled plastic
➜ 1 bag made of upcycled fabric to bring your game everywhere
➜ A lot of creativity and imagination
➜ 1 284 529 possible constructions… we, personally, tested all of them... the 1 069 059th is really surprising !

→ en pré-vente sur Ulule à 74,90€ !

For children from 4 to 10 years old

For the youngest and the oldest children !

our approach

positive education

While playing Kojo, the younger children develop their motor ability while the older ones learn to reproduce constructions, 3D geometry and angles. Let them discover and shape their own world !


The wood used to build the plates comes from PEFC certified forests. The clips are made of recycled plastic and vegetal fibers and therefore respectful for our planet !

made in France

Kojo is 100% produced in France ! We are committed to support local development and source our products locally.

the dream team

us ?

Charlotte, Jimmy and Morgan : 3 friends / 5 children / 1 single idea !

We have been friends for more than 15 years and have decided to set-up Kojo with a single motivation to create a stimulating game that could also be eco-friendly.

We collaborate on a day by day basis with local partners that share our vision.


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